HTML5 on Wordpress

Hello, I have recently made a project launched on HTML5, I have tested the local-host, I want know what files I need and where to put them accordingly on Wordpress. Thanks!

I also have a wordpress site. It would be cool to add this. Unity has a plugin for Wordpress.

Create a page with your html5 content. Than make an iFrame in wordpress and link to that page.
An iFrame is like a webpage within a webpage.

Html 5 page is convert in word Press.

Iframe is bad idea :>

i want know how to configure the ue4 html environment ?

why is i frame a bad idea? do you have a other solution?

Don’t do iFrame. I’ll explain what you do.
FIRST, I’d suggest before you export, name everything with lower case text and dashes between words. Keep it SHORT! This just saves from the hassle of typing in the URL later.
Upload your newly generated HTML 5 folder to your server. Make sure you upload it to the same folder that your site, be it wordpress or joomla or whaterver, is in. It should be public_html
Unzip the folder you just uploaded. Most cpanels will allow you to right click and select unpack.
You should now have a folder in the main section called whatever you saved the file as.
Now point your browser to it - (YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE .HTML name in the URL!)

You will now get an error about a bad token.

Add this code to your .htaccess file
<files *.gz>
AddType “text/javascript” .gz
AddEncoding gzip .gz

If you don’t have access to your .htaccess file from the cpanel, login with a ftp client like filezilla or core ftp. In fact, you can do ALL of this through a ftp client.

Now go back to your game URL and it should boot up!

Just a thought: IF you want the game html page to have the same styling as your website, I’d put the files in the same folder as your site’s html file location, create a new page in wordpress and copy/paste the html code from the export into the code section of the worpress page builder.

Or, copy/paste the html page from export along with all the files into the area where wordpress stores all of the html files.

hi , im trying to integrate html5 project on wordpress , please could you be more specific about localisation of main folder of html files, do we have to put in " WWW" , “wp-admin”, “wp-content”, or “wp-includes” ?? thks , im running wordpress on ovh server thks

I think best Idea is iframe

I am agree that Iframe is very bad idea

In case anyone is interested, I have a Pull Request that should help with CSS and canvas issues. Basically, it simplifies the HTML output to a basic webpage where the only requirement is that a canvas (with a specific ID) exist on the page. It removes CSS content to avoid any formatting conflicts.

i want know how to configure the ue4 html environment ?

You will need to create a new folder inside the Themes folder in WordPress. You can find that details in the following page:

Apart from that, you also need to create database using PHP my admin if you have database. If you need any help, you can approach our web design company and we will be happy to help you.


You need to install Wamp server on your PC first.

First, you configure the ue4 HTML file to connect WordPress to HTML 5. You will create a new page in WordPress and copy/paste the HTML code from the export into the code section of the WordPress page builder.

you don’t need to use an iframe you have to upload your HTML file on your Cpanel
Then change its name to index.html then your HTML code run to the home page of your website.
Hope this will help you

I am trying to find the way on how to have the same style as on the rest of my wordpress web pages.
The way I was trying:
In the new page created with WP Editor I have added new empty HTML block and into this empty block I pasted the code from myproject.html I have from packaged project HTML5 but this is not working properly as you can see on the attached images.

Thank you for your time.

As a senior full stack developer with over 12 years on the job I can tell you this about wordpress: it’s the internet explorer of CMS.

if you don’t know php/html/css and JS getting anything that’s not just text is going to be a challenge.

… is there enough hype on this for me to go and create a wordpress plugin/short-code? I doubt it…