HTML5 not in 4.26

Good day,

I am not able to see any packaging targeting to HTML5 in 4.26, is not there anymore , or is there a way to enable it in the new release?

I’m sure I have seen HTML5 in earlier versions and even seen may tutorials online in the earlier versions.

I have to build some work for Web in unreal , should I download the versions where it was available or should I wait for anyone to help me to enable it in the latest version 4.26?

Really would appreciate if someone can solve this dilemma for me.

Thank you

HTML5 was migrated out of the engine as of 4.24, thus there is no plan to integrate it back into the vanilla Engine.

Instead, please use the public Platform Extension for HTML5 support.

Hi, I’ve been trying to access to the repo for two weeks (linkin my accounts and waiting for a while) but for now I’m not able to access to it. Anyone with the same problem resolved it? Thanks.