HTML5 Missing & Modified Textures

Tried to deploy my game to HTML5 and the textures are way off. One texture doesn’t load and I get error:

Failed to compile Material
for platform GLSL_ES2_WEBGL

in the log under the browser. The texture for the blocks shows up completely differently. Any tips?

Well in the event that someone else stumbles upon my question, here’s the answer:

When compiling for HTML5, the same rules apply that would if compiling to Mobile platforms. The issue here is that the material that was unable to load was created from over 5 texture samples, which is above the limit that UE4 supports for mobile. You can read more on material limitations on Mobile here

Hey Frenchie14, i did stumble upon your question because i was having the same issue, thanks for your help, i was going crazy with this problem.

Thanks for the help. I had a similar problem. I didn’t know about all these limitations until i noticed some characters were not in my html version of my game but they were in the pc version. Thanks.

WebGL 2 launched recently in browsers (WebGL 2 lands in Firefox - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog), and I know that will help some shaders in UE4 in the upcoming versions of the engine. That is perhaps something to keep an eye out for later.