HTML5 Input not working from website

I’ve built a simple game that works as expected when played directly from the HTML5 file within Firefox (not Chrome. It just crashes there.) However, once I upload the game to a website, only the mouse input works. I’ve set the input keys R,K, and F to work within the project setting, but now I can’t figure out if it’s the engine or the website that is blocking my keyboard input. All help appreciated.

Here’s the game in question:

Hold down the right mouse button to move. Smash into cylinders to destroy them. Pick up coins to create more sushi and rule the streets.

“R” Speeds you up.

“K” kills all of your clones

“F” is a magical cheat button

The problem seems to be that the game isn’t coming into complete focus. This page seems to be on to something. When I isolate the game from the website in Firefox, the game works just fine.

So it seems, clicking on the game doesn’t bring it into focus for the keyboard HOWEVER, clicking on the border around the game does. Very weird.

Just out of curiosity, does your game run on a web server and the browser sends the user commands to said web server, or does the game get downloaded when visited and is played/run locally, on the client machine?