HTML5 Graphiocs Issue, Very Low in Final output

Hi Everyone,
I am working on a html 5 project, but i am facing a problem, that overall graphics of my HTML 5 are worst, but normally in Unreal Engine 4 and PC build graphics are good, if we say the Graphics quality on PC build is 10/10 and on HTML5 build is 2/10… let me know how should i fix that? every model is optimized with proper uvw maps and lighting built,


HTML5 graphics are no where near as good as PC graphics. If you’d like to check how your project looks while you’re working within the editor, please use the mobile previewer instead of launching onto Windows. Mobile previewer shows what will be seen on Android, HTML5 and iOS platforms therefore, if you’re having trouble with certain materials or textures, you’ll know ahead of time due to the mobile previewer. You may want to look over the ‘Mobile Game Development’ information to obtain some tips on how to increase your graphics on your project.


Thanks for reply , i have used the Mobile Previewer there graphics is bit better but not good as good, but i want to get the proper lighting or no darkness in my scene, it can be static shadows any help?

Hey, have you tried Target Hardware -> Mobile / Tablet, Scalable 3D or 2D settings? For me it’s the best quality

Post up a comparison picture with your PC version if you wouldn’t mind. That picture there is about what I would expect from something that has been done without any mobile optimization.

Have you looked into the types of lights that are used on mobile devices as well? If not, please look at this documentation for additional information.