(HTML5) Getting "too much recursion" error

I’m trying to make a small mining demo html5 build, and I’ve made a few before, but this one is throwing this error in the developer console in firefox:

ReferenceError: tstart is not defined
Successfully compiled asm.js code (loaded from cache in 1743ms) 
"run() called, but dependencies remain, so not running" 
too much recursion

(The last line is an error)

And the game doesn’t run. Anyone have any ideas?

(The project itself is fairly simple, just a few models you can walk around and some interactivity (Proximity warnings, rock-bolt placement) nothing crazy and no blueprints with any actual recursion…)

Can you give some more info - Which version of firefox ? I think there’s some regression in the latest firefox nightlies - try earlier versions Aug Build If that doesn’t work go earlier. if you can run in 32 bit version, try with latest.

that too much recursion error is coming from firefox’s javascript engine and has nothing to do with blueprints.