HTML5 games don't work on Unreal Engine 4.9.2

I started with a lengthy project, then I started with a 3 day project, then I started a First Person Project. I started a brand new First Person Project and then once it loaded I went to File, Package Project, then clicked HTML5 as my platform instead of Android, IOS, Linux, or Windows. So it took like 2 minutes to package that project in a folder in my documents section of my computer. Inside the Folder was an HTML5 folder and then inside that folder was f10 files: Below is an image of what is in the folder. What am I doing wrong or what should I do? The other projects I have made give the same error and same amount of files inside this HTML5 folder it spits out. What does everyone else do to make HTML5 games work???


that’s what its supposed to look like, you launch the helper then put in localhost:8000/[the html file provided].html in the browser, chrome has worked best for me it should work from there. remember its using the local server(your computer) when you do this its not on a server.

thanks works in chrome using the … localhost:8000/test.html

not sure why it doesn’t say to do that in the readme. I think developers at unreal forget how noob most people are and will be doing this stuff for the first the first person example project running fine in browser now. tried with a larger project and got a max memory error so wouldn’t compile in browser. this is expected but again it could be in the readme file stating is a limit and what that is.

I love unreal engine but at times is frustrating that so many helpful things are always left for us to figure out or post on forums.seems quite a few people have had these issues.

HTML requires either local or remote server anyway…

I need to compile the game to HTML5. When the game begin just the main menu working successfully and when I click on play button there is a black display with HUD and then I back to the main menu.
Is anyone to know how to resolve this issue?

Hello, I have one question to your team, I’m an owner of Arcade site and interested in is it possible to convert run 4 and plazma burst game in HTML 5 format?

plazma burst unblocked game
Run 4
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I have a question. Is there any mobile version of Happy Wheels game. This game too addictive, but I am not able to play it on mobile.