HTML5 Game doesnt work from web host

Would you be able to elaborate also how to make HTML5 game work from web host?

Just uploading files and accessing HTML5-Shipping doesnt work. The game doesnt work, launching the game from local host however does. I feel there is some issue with references of files, but how do I solve it?

I have seen others do it.

Here are some screenshots:

All I did was to package the starter vehicle game, packaged it. I was successful at making it run from localhost. Running from host Im getting this issue:

Hi ,

  • Did you open the HTML5LauncherHelper.exe file from your WIndows Explorer before attempting to open on your browser?
  • What browser are you using?
  • Did you navigate to the correct web address (from the launcherhelper)?

Hi ,

I assume launcherhelper is used when you want to host locally that is not what Im trying to do. I am trying to run my game from a web browser.

I am using chrome, I also have Chromium Nightly and Firefox Nightly, I tested on both.

I am not using launcherhelper.

I might assume my issue is with the type of host… Ill keep trying other hosts and see where that gets me.

What host are you attempting to utilize that seems to be experiencing the error?

Alright you can mark this resolved.

I have figured it out thanks for support. I have approached my friend who set up hosting for me properly and now it works very well.

My issue was trying to host on my other host I think I didnt have correct permissions.

Anyhow, all good now. Thanks for responding!

I’m happy to hear you are no longer experiencing an error. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes.

Hey there, I know this is much later, but the same exact thing’s been going on with me. Works locally but not on the hosting… Do you know what permissions or what your friend did? Thanks!

  • would you please update post so we can replicate this on a IIS or Apache server for our testing… thank you