HTML5 export

is HTML5 export available today as it says in the documentation?
If not is there a work around?
Any plans to bring HTML5 into UE5?
It’s hard to believe that Epic will not support a way to export to the web as it is more and more relevant nowadays?

Don’t count on it.
The whole thing was axed after Unity did a way better job than epic ever could.

The project was literally canned according to the git last time I looked into it.

Neither engine had great support for web, they aren’t designed for it and they both were trying to adapt a something much more complex than what HTML5 can handle. I guess Epic just gave up because it wasn’t working well with the engine. But I can say since the web support for Unity is pretty poor and it doesn’t run properly on mobile it’s not a great solution for it either.
For work we switched to something else that was specifically designed for WebGL and has full mobile and desktop support. It’s not as flashy but at least it works.

You can try Pixel Streaming if you still need to develop an online game/project. It’s being used for MetaHuman Creator. It’s a different deployment compared to packaging for HTML5, but it opens up lots of possibilities.

Based on what? There’s a milion Unity games over browser in any game jam on Itch that play just fine.
Epic fell short. Like always. Period.

It’s a good suggestion, but it’s not really the same as being able to run an object applet when required.
And it also probably needs a graphics ready server to be online to do the rendering doesn’t it?

Compared to having the remote PC handle the work that’s not really comparable…

Yes, it would be a completely different setup! I don’t know how something like Fortnite works online, I don’t think it’s using Pixel Streaming, but it’s almost entirely on AWS.
But yes, the idea is to have a cloud server that deals with the rendering and so on, and on the local hardware you don’t need to render anything.

The lack of proper mobile browser support is a major issue, it’s the reason that we can’t make commercial projects with it. People making game jam projects with it means nothing until someone tries to make a game they intend to sell.

The reason you don’t make commercial things with it is that it is Public like any other website.
It has nothing to do with how well or how bad it functions. It simply offers no security and can always be download and launched even offline by design.
So making “commercial” things with it is just rediculous.

It depends on what you’re making, in our case we’re doing more business development so the stuff we are making are used to sell other stuff–think a simple 3D configurator on a website–mobile support is a must.
If you want to make a game that way, you can still sell in-app purchases and manage things with user accounts vs. selling the game itself.

You keep saying mobile.
All the unity games work for me on a secure Adblock browser.

Maybe the specific feature you want is what doesn’t work?
Assuming they work on this browser, stuff usually works better on the default browser…

Either way, it’s cleaner to make an app for that sort of thing - especially because as I said purchases cannot be secured via the game interface.

Unity does not officially support mobile browsers with WebGL/HTML5, many apps “run” but some really important features don’t work, and it’s highly dependent on the device and the browser they’re using. If a company is trying to build a 3D tool on their website with it, they can’t use something like that.

While you can make an app as a workaround, it’s not convenient for a user to install an app for something that should just be built into a website.

Agreed, but there may be ways around it too.
Just depends on what the tool is.

Regardless, if the engine works and is able to display something - which it is - then the official support doesn’t much matter does it?

Generally, if a user is on anything that doesn’t work, he’s not an ideal user. Particularly if 60% or more of the user base is covered.

With a little duck typing you’d also be able to serve browser specific versions to those who do not meet the requirements…

From my tests with Unity, I’ve had projects that just don’t ever load, and ones that load but then some graphical thing isn’t working. One of the biggest issues I had was that it doesn’t support multi-touch on mobile.