HTML5 Export showing error

Hi Devs,
I was looking for ways to export the game in HTML5. I’ve been able to create the package of HTML5 successfully from the package project options. I’ve followed this [link][1] to export the project

After I run the HTML5LauncherHelper.exe it shows me this output

PS E:\UE4Exports\HTML5> .\HTML5LaunchHelper.exe
Version: 20190327
Name: -Browser=
Name: -ServerRoot= ./
Name: -ServerPort= 8000
Name: -BrowserCommandLine=
Name: -UseAllPrefixes= FALSE
Starting Server at http://localhost:8000/
Press Any key Quit Server

However when i start the webbrowser (Firefox 75.0 64bit)
and enter the address of the application it give me this wierd page

and the server response to

Can somebody share what’s the problem and why the html build not opening ?