HTML5 Export & 4.5

Hi all !

I used to export scenes with the 4.4 in html 5 but since the update I can’t make my export anymore :frowning:
Is there any new way to export in html5 (without downloading ue4 on github etc…) since 4.5?

Thanks in advance


Or will they update their version on GitHub?

Did you follow the same instructions for building 4.5 from github and using the frontend? As far as I know you’ve had to build the from github previously and are still required to do so.

You are right I didn’t use the right version, I found the 4.5 now it’s ok but when I try to cook in html5 I have this error :

rogram.Main: ERROR: Exception in mscorlib: Could not find file ‘D:\Unreal Projects\UnrealEngine\Engine\Binaries\HTML5\UE4Game.js’.

I know it’s something about compiling and in fact I don’t have anything in Binaries but what can I do more?

You need to compile your Unreal Engine with HTML5 plarform selected in Solution Platforms combo box. Then UE4Game.js and few other files will appear in Binaries/HTML5 directory.

I have the same problem with 4.6 version and i did everything to make it worked, but it didn’t.
I’ve seen this page alot of times.
And I did it all, but even now it’s not working and whenever when I want to build an HTML5 it redirects me to the same page.
Maybe It’s better for me to return and try out the 4.4 version.

With the 4.6 I tried this and it worked !

Tell me if you have any question