HTML5 doesn't load in browser

So the project builds successfully (according to UE anyways) when I package it as HTML5 but when I try to run it, it just hangs forever at the Downloading screen at the very beginning. I’ve hosted it on google drive when I tried to use it on Chromium (since chrome doesn’t let you locally host html pages) and other people have gotten their projects working using google drive as the hosting server, so I know that’s not the issue. I’m using a 64bit browsers (Chromium and Firefox Nightly). In Firefox Nightly, it crashes after giving me an error related to my meshes having too many vertices (apparently a memory issue?)

EDIT: So after increasing the memory size in the .ini file, I instead get an assertion failed error stating that arrays 2 must be run on little endian systems. I hadn’t thought to check but apparently I have a big endian machine, go figure. This seems like a pretty arbitrary constrain to enforce on the user.

And another error: Cannot call unknown function on_fatal (not sure what this one means)

I only get these when I rebuilt it after increasing the heap allocation. With the default, it just crashed after it tried to run the game (probably due to memory)

For me HTML5 package works only in 32bit browsers :slight_smile: have you tried them?

Yes, they crash immediately because of memory issues, which is why I moved to 64bit which has more memory. However increasing the heap size in order to give the project more memory causes me different errors it seems

Ahh you’re using version 4.7, which worked for me in Nightly and Firefox… Have you tried 4.8?