HTML5 deploy error

Hi, I’m having problems when trying to deploy to HTML5. I need some help, Thanks
I’ll attach the log file.

I fixed it, now it doesn’t load in web
browser (Nightly 64 bit)

SyntaxError: malformed Unicode character escape sequence
ReferenceError: tstart is not defined
“run() called, but dependencies remain, so not running” CISC.html:193
too much recursion

This seems like a bug in the SDK. look up this discussion. please let us know if editing those lines work for you,

I’ve edited the following the instructions, here’s the link, it still doesn’t work, I think i’m doing something wrong

I’ve change
var PACKAGE_NAME = ‘G:\uep\CISC\Binaries\HTML5\’; to
var PACKAGE_NAME = ‘’;


So, I was not able to run it on latest nightly on windows - Firefox crashes or too much recursion. I think this might be a regression with firefox nightly - I was however able to run it on firefox 30.0 on linux

Thanks, I tried it on nightly 30 and it works.