HTML5 Code Projects fails to build

Hi, I’m having an issue with deploying any project that has custom-code classes to HTML5.
I have successfully built and launched the tappy-chicken HTML5 project with an additional 3D-walkable map for testing purposes. Once I added code to the project (for a derived Character class) which builds for windows correctly, Frontend will no longer deploy the HTML5 packaged content. All the setting are the same as the successful none-code deploy prior and are able to deploy the Original TappyChicken without issue. The ‘UE4Game-HTML5-Shipping.bc’ etc files are not created in “UnrealEngine\Engine\Binaries\HTML5” during the build process as they are with the original TappyChicken none-code project.

The log prints no errors, other than the standard “HTML5 doesnt impement deploy” which also print during the working TappyChicken build.

Am I missing something that is required for the Code project HTML5 to be build and cook correctly? An include or dependency? Something in the Target.cs file? Are html5 code-project builds something you have working at Epic?


Hi, just wondering if this is being investigated? If more details are needed i’ll be happy to provide.
Thanks :slight_smile:

This has be resolved in 4.3-prerelease branch. Thanks guys! (although a heads-up would do good for my stress levels :slight_smile: )
The html5 deploy seems a lot more stable with FireFox Nightly now too, good job.