HTML5 Chrome 64-bit

Hi were wrapping up a game we built for HTML5. The game works perfectly for Firefox 32 and 64-bit versions. We also have it running 100% of the time on the latest Chrome versions 32-bit and 64-bit on Mac. Its not working on Chrome 64 on Windows. We received a generic Javascript error and an “Aw, Snap!” proceeding it.

While we checked the logs the error seemed to be before anything loads since there’s no information about it. Memory usage skyrockets in the task manager before the error message. Internet Explorer seems to have the same problem. We attempted to use the default shooter and were met with the same result. Any help or clue would be greatly appreciated.

Having this problem too.

Running UE 4.6.1 compiled with source and Emscripten 2.5

Any updates?

Have you tried uploading your game then playing it in Chrome? I got the same errors you got while building a game a while back, but once everything was uploaded, it worked fine in Chrome 32 bit. I’m about to test it now in the 64 bit version.

Oh, wow. Well, it doesn’t work in the 64 bit version of Chrome, but it definitely works in the 32 bit version.