HTML5 can't get project to build

okay so i’ve used UE 4.6 and 4.7. And done a lot of troubleshooting trying to get this working over the last week.

basically follow the following steps.

  1. download engine source off of github.
  2. run setup bat file to download dependencies
  3. build engine in Visual studio
  4. run engine, creating new blank project
  5. add c++ source file to project ( mainly as a test and to create the source folder)
  6. build project in VS
  7. try to build game for html5 in engine. It fails giving the following ( long log )

I’ve also tried building and using unreal frontend to make the project which was a suggestion from other forum posts. It doesn’t seem to work. It builds indefinitely ( left it run 8 + hours overnight)

Sometimes it does actually fail after 30 minutes. Here’s the log when that happens.

Hi brianhillman,

Thank you for taking the time to report this issue and we appreciate your patience while awaiting a response. In order to assist you in an effective manner, we would like to see if you are still having a problem with building an HTML5 project with engine version 4.9.2?

If so, please provide some simple steps, screenshots, or any other relevant pieces of information to help us reproduce the issue on our end and we will continue investigating.

Thank you for your feedback and cooperation in resolving this issue,