HTML5 can not load levels

[Error Report][1]

52270-cant+load+new+level+on+html5.txt (14.6 KB)

It works in unreal editor but once compiled and opened I can not go to the next level.

Hey ,

Looking over the provided, it looks like there are some issues with the GameMode. Please make sure all paths necessary are defined and make sure that your ‘PlayerStart’ is set up correctly.

LogGameMode: Warning - PATHS NOT DEFINED or NO PLAYERSTART with positive rating

I also see an issue with your ‘WidgetTree’:

LogLinker:Warning: CreateImport: Failed to load Outer for resource 'WidgetTree': WidgetBlueprint /Script/UMGEditor.Default__WidgetBlueprint

The following error states there is a travel failure. It looks like there is an invalid URL for the /Game/Levels+UI/LoginLevel, please see below:

[2015.07.31-15.44.48:237][558]LogNet:Warning: Travel Failure: [InvalidURL]: Invalid URL: /Game/Levels+UI/LoginLevel
[2015.07.31-15.44.48:239][558]LogNet: TravelFailure: InvalidURL, Reason for Failure: 'Invalid URL: /Game/Levels+UI/LoginLevel'
[2015.07.31-15.44.48:241][558]LogNet:Warning: Travel Failure: [ClientTravelFailure]: Invalid URL: /Game/Levels+UI/LoginLevel
[2015.07.31-15.44.48:243][558]LogNet: TravelFailure: ClientTravelFailure, Reason for Failure: 'Invalid URL: /Game/Levels+UI/LoginLevel'
[2015.07.31-15.44.48:255][559]LogNet: Browse: /Game/Levels+UI/LoginLevel?closed
[2015.07.31-15.44.48:255][559]LogNet: Failed; returning to Entry
[2015.07.31-15.44.48:256][559]LogLoad: LoadMap: /Game/Levels+UI/LoginLevel?closed

Please review these areas within your project and ensure they’re correctly set up. Then try to package and launch your HTML5 game again. If you’re still running into complications, please update this thread with additional detailed information as well as the showing the errors if possible.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

I have just put a player start in every level.

I don’t know what a widget tree is.

That url is correct and just for the sake of it, I changed the folder name incase “+” wasn’t allowed.

It does work in unreal engine but not on chrome.

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52364-updated+log.txt (14.5 KB)

Hey ,

I have reached out to our HTML5 Developers and will have either the developers themselves or myself contact you as soon as we have additional information, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey ,

Did you try going to project properties > packaging and include all of the levels you want in your game? If not, please go there now and attempt to do so. Once you’re done adding in the different levels, please then package your game and let us know how it turns out.

Thank you!

Thats it! It works ha.
Shouldn’t the packaging have included the whole of my game already ???

thank you

When there are separate maps or levels, you do need to include those. I’m glad it worked for you. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Have a wonderful week! :slight_smile:

Hey , how did you set up map changes? Using the node “Open Level”?

I can’t get map changes to work in HTML5, and I did include the maps on project settings / packaging / List of maps to include blablabla.

Did you leave “Absolute” checked? What text exactly did you put in the map name: just the map name or the path to it as well?

Leave default settings in the Open Level thing, type exactly the “level” name into the box.