HTML5 Buld starts, but won't finish.

I am trying to package my game for html5. The build starts and it seems fine, but it will never finish. I had it running for 20 hours once before I stopped it.
Here is the output log: html5BuildLog.txt (51.2 KB)

Running engine 4.8.3 installed from epic games launcher on windows 10.

Hey Pesk92,

Please submit a question to AnswerHub. Within the question, please provide those logs, explain what you were doing and whether or not you’ve tried this on the First Person Template and a Blank Template. Let us know whether or not any of them packaged properly for HTML5. Also, let us know whether or not you’re able to launch to HTML5.

Also, please have a look at the HTML5 development documentation for additional assistance.


I think u will check out html 5 experts so they will give best solution.