HTML5 Builds

In the last live stream there was a discussion that anyone interested in HTML5 development should let the team know what is important to them.

For myself I want:

  1. Builds that run in a 32 bit browser (like the Tappy chicken example does). Even if significant restrictions are required.
  2. Build-able from the launcher version (even if the Emscripten/Clang stuff is required seperatly). I’m running on a rMBP boot camp session and the 22 gigs + 12 for launcher version or so for a full build represent roughly 1/2 of my available hard drive.
  3. A tutorial showing how to build the Tappy Chicken landing page. This is the lowest priority for me as I could view source/reverse engineer most of the landing page if required.

As stated these are in order because requiring a 64 bit browser effectively kills this as a viable platform, launcher builds would be a huge quality of life improvement, and the landing page would significantly increase a final products appeal.

Again it’s ok if we have to self impose/act under significant restrictions/even use special build patterns for 32 bit browser builds. Since until Chrome and Firefox mainstream the 64 bit browsers this is pretty much required.

My HTML5 game runs in a 32 bit browser, but it can be a little hit and miss sometimes. Some users have reported out of memory errors, then it working straight after. So Im with you on this one. And working in Chrome would be my next requirements.

I agree with all what you said.

Hey Guys,

To help you with #1 real quick. Inside of HTML5Platform.Automation.cs around line 77 is the code which specifies the default heap which the game will use when running. You can change that either in your games DefaultEngine.ini by specifying a BuildSettings section and setting HeapSize=Amount (in MB) or you can change the default numbers at that line. Reducing it to 384 and 256 (code and codeless respectively) should allow you to run in all 32-bit browsers. Failures after that would probably be too much content. Tappy Chicken uses 256MB and MobileTemple works with the 284MB. I believe all the way up to 512MB will work most of the time in 32-bit browsers. That should at least get you going for now. We are also looking at improving the way we load our files which should definitely help the memory situation in the future.

As for #2, we’re working on that. Hopefully it will be in the next release.

I’ll talk with the web team about #3 as they set up that page. Not sure how much time they have though right now with other projects going on.

Someone external could probably do #3 from just viewing the source. I don’t know if it was minified or obfuscated. Is it possible we could just get a .zip of the directory so that could look at how it was built. Then an web dev (not volunteering yet) could write up a super quick tutorial. Thanks for the help with #1 I’ve been wondering how you could get tappy chicken working on 32 bit.

for me the most important thing is a smaller download size, even with nothing on a map its a couple of hundred mb.
also it would be awesome if networking was supported.

apart from that html5 seems just about on track.

FYI for anyone attempting 32 bit HTML5 builds, make sure to build Shipping not Development builds. Even after changing to 256 meg development builds would not open in 32 Chrome or Firefox. After switching to Shipping Tappy Chicken will at least open in 32 bit mainstream FireFox, although it won’t start in Chrome.