HTML5 build and packaging issues

I have a working game! It is two small levels(The example level, and my level) I am trying to package it initially as an HTML5 Firefox game but after it spits out all the files and zips I am not sure how to use it without the editor. Everything works when I play the html5 game in the unreal engine 4 editor. I Cook content for An HTML5 Firefox game and in my documents folder I have created my game folder and it puts all the files in this folder. Some end in .gz I think and there is my game html file which I open up but it downs too pile correctly like it does in the editor. it takes about 8 minutes for the HTML 5 game to compile but it works and I only get a few warnings in the editor. What should I be doing to the game files? Several files and four or five zip file are in the game folder. Should I unzip some or all into my game folder to make it play like it does in the editor?