HTML5 and WebVR


Has anyone successfully integrated Mozilla’s WebVR and an UE4 HTML project? I see one of the Mozilla dev added VR support for Emscripten here:

Any knowledge would be appreciated.


Also VRy interested in this! :slight_smile:

Doh, nothing from Epic/ anyone here yet…

Mozilla said they have already implemented this (source: Unreal Engine 4.7 Binary Release Includes HTML5 Export )

I wonder if that code is available anywhere. I couldn’t find it with a search :<

Hey Everyone,

VR would be quite heavy for an HTML5 game. This is because you’d have to run the browser, with the game and then the programs needed for VR on top of that in the background. At this time, this is not something we are working on.

Thank you.

2 years later - any news? What about WebVR api - is it going to be supported?

Any news from WebVR for UE4?

FF 55 ships with WebVR:

I also looking for webVR in ue4!

Any update about this? Any way to export a HTML5/WebVR project?

I’m investigating this issue

Seems the answers is NO.

bumping this, wanted to know if there are any updates on this

Seems no work is being done on the subject, at the moment…

How can we raise demand at EPIC? Integration with frameworks like A-Frame can’t be so hard. Maybe it is underpowered for a complete game, but some Arch or Prod Viz would come in really handy.

another push, quite difficult to understand that epics lacks behind with html5 to other engines… since epic was moving forward so quick in all topics, killing most competitors…its 2019 now, 4 years silence on this topic? who sleeps those fails in technology terms

In the release notes I’ve found a hint for html5 is going to be deprecated … so I guess we’re out of luck and need to find an other engine / lib