HTML5 and Media Players

Hi all,

So i’ve been working on a project that has 6-7 different videos playing on television screens, all of which work perfectly fine in VR and FPS modes.

I’ve been tasked with bringing the project into HTML5, which i have managed to do and it is currently sat online just fine. However, none of the videos are playing on the screens. Looking on google, it looks like back around the 4.14 era that this was still broken and that Epic were looking at bringing it in in future versions.

My question is if this has been done, and if so, how do i go about using it?

I’m currently facing the same issue, as far as I’m aware this feature has not yet been implemented, nor is it in the works for being implemented. So unfortunately you’ve got to bypass the problem without native assistance from the engine.

I haven’t yet beat the problem, the issue is that the animated textures from Unreal are using shading processes in either OpenGL or DirectX, which currently hasn’t yet been translated to WebGL when packaging for HTML5.

Saying all this, there may be a way of implementing if your project is heavily Web-Centric by using this API

Here’s a link to the question where I found this resource:

I am yet to have a working version myself so if you pull this off please post back on the thread! Really excited to see if you can beat this.
And goes without saying, if I manage to get it working I’ll be posting back here too

Good Luck

Did any of you find a fix for this? I have been working on a school project for 6 months, and never tested this future on the HTML5 build itself. I assumed it would work, so did any of you find a fix?