Html5 and media framework material

Hi everyone !

I have a question concerning html5 packaging with videos, when I package on windows format I can see the video playing in my scene but when it’s exported in html5 I only see black. What should I do? I tried to change the “from URL” into “from Memory” but the editor keep crashing.

Thanks in advance


I had an answer on the UE4 answerhub

Apparently it’s not working at the moment, do you guys know any alternatives that I could use to play a video that length around 10sec?




I have not been able to locate a way to include media framework material in an HTML5 project. I have added a request to our Developers to include this feature in the future. If you’d like an update on this feature in the future, please reference : UE-11667

Thank you!

So, the problem with this is that trying to play a movie in the engine without threads would make the game pretty hitchy. We can revisit this when we do have threads in HTML5…

And this could happen in the next months? :smiley: