HTML for safari

Hi everyone,
I made a test package for html5 with version 4.23.1. It works fine on Chrome and Firefox but not on Safari - It’s stuck on “Launching engine…” and says “This webpage is using significant memory
Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your mac.”
Anyone tried to package html5 for Safari before and can help with that problem?


For this to work it would require two things -

  1. Apple shipping proper WebGL2 support without hiding it behind a flag you have to toggle under the advanced settings like you currently have to do.

  2. Epic needs to actually care about WebGL and HTML5 distribution in order for this to work too. They deprecated official support for this platform target back in 4.23 and they haven’t show any signs that they’re interested in bringing it back, sadly.

Our team has been working to compress Unreal binaries so they’re small and lightweight on the GPU, so that they work universally via the browser with mobile being on par with native apps and games. If you’re interested in having it ported to our web based gaming platform, reply here or join or Discord server via this link: The Metaverse

Nah, it can work on Safari with WebGL1.

To the OP: You might just have to optimize your program a bit more if it’s taking too much memory, try scaling down textures if you can sacrifice the quality a bit.

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