HTML 5 in the codebase. Can be used for GUI?

So during one of those twitch streams Epic guys mentioned HTML. But I only caught the tail end of the discussion and they never did recap :frowning:

I am finding some HTML 5 code here in the codebase. Will Epic be implementing HTML 5 that we can use for GUI? Is there something already in place? Haven’t had time to fully go through the code. Atm, still busy trying to setup basic gameplay and learn these blueprints

There are libraries like Coherent UI that do this.

When they were talking about HTML5, they mean UE4 running in a web browser.

Ah ok, I am looking for a built in gui solution. Will see what happens with Slate then

Coherent is too expensive :frowning: I wish they add a cheaper license for non profit projects.

Yeah I do not want to invest that sort of money right now into this simple little starter game I’m working on.

Quake Live uses Awesomium, I gave it a quick glance a little bit ago, but it might be something worth looking into.

We are using Coherent UI for months and i must say it deserves every penny you give. With Coherent GUI development time is like 1/20 and GUI ideas are limitless. For the price, Unity pricing was good ($350 per seat). I think they will provide same pricing solution in here too.

I’m sure it’s worth much more than they are asking. I’d definitely use something like that at ‘my job’ where my company finances those things. But for home use where you are not even sure you will make a penny or just release it for free, paying that much money is not an option.

I really need to take a closer look into Slate. But off hand, I think I must have a GUI Editor to layout my widgets. If that’s not already in there then this is not good. Oh well, maybe I need to lower my standards you know and just blit some textures to a screen. I seem to recall old Unreal Tournament was like Slate. I think it was called UWindows. It worked fine. And we didn’t get a layout tool for it til probably UT 2003.

So it seems I just need to make do and just be thankful we have something to use!

Awesomium doesn’t have a 64-bit version.

Why cant there just be a webplayer type solution like Unity has?

The same reasons Unity is investing effort in targeting HTML5 despite already having a plugin solution with relatively strong market penetration.

  1. Getting browser plugin penetration is really hard.
  2. Right now, the Unity web player is blacklisted in Firefox because of undisclosed security vulnerabilities.

Thanks for clarifying Neverender. I wish HTML publishing will be as straight forward as Unity web player is.
Where you do exporting from the menu. Set relevant parameters and hit export.