HTML 5 Gamepad Trigger Axes Failure


Has anyone noticed gamepad trigger axis problems when exporting to HTML5? We are receiving gamepad trigger events, but not gamepad trigger axis events. To test that it isn’t something weird in our project code, we’ve created a new project with nothing in it that simply prints the right trigger axis value to the screen when fired. However, we get the same results - the trigger axis is always 0.

Here are the details of our tests, and screenshots.

We’ve tested HTML5 builds from both UE4.9.2 and UE4.10.4, running in Chrome 64-bit on OSX and Win10 using an XBox One controller and a Logitech F310 controller.

  1. Created a new level and in the level blueprint added a “Gamepad Right Trigger Axis” node that prints the axis value when fired (see screenshot)
  2. Created an input axis mapping called “RTrigger” assigned it to the Gamepad Right Trigger Axis event with a scale of 1.0 and used it in the level blueprint (see screenshot)
  3. Created a game mode and controller and tried both the default “Gamepad Right Trigger Axis” node and the custom “RTrigger” input axis mapping from the controller’s event graph.

In short, neither the default right trigger axis node, nor a custom input axis mapping for it will return the axis value when defined in a level or controller blueprint. It only ever reports 0.

Has anyone seen similar behavior? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!

Thank you