HTLM5 Videos?

Hi all,

Im trying to run a project that has a video screen playing a media file. While it all works great in the ES2 preview, it doesnt start inside the actual html5 app. Any clues on doing this? I cant find anything about it online.
The person in this thread had a similar issue but has no responses so far: HTML5 Load video ,because none of the enabled media player plug-ins support it: - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

Any help would be appreciated!

Same problem here, tried local video and streamed url from google drive, both played in editor, both play with window packaged file, neither play in html5 package. Images work fine, very confusing. Not sure how to embed html into a packaged html5 file, could you elaborate please?

hi, where i can use this code inside unreal ? please you can provide a video showing how to use ? we will be very gratefull