HTC Vive Template

Ah okay. Yep…make sense (for your way).

Good to learn other kind of “walking” systems.

Yesterday i played around with the ground problem. Capsule Half Height and Radius to 0.1 and 0.1. Looking good (0.0 on both settings sets the movement to a kind of floating) but not perfect.

Have someone another idea how we can get the controller closer to the ground?

I’m quite new to Blueprints and UE4. This template has been very enlightening! Thank you.

With that said, I don’t understand how to use PickUpObjectInterface. I see it referenced in the grabbing blueprint, but I don’t see it anywhere else.

I would guess that I have to attach that interface to the object I want to pickup and then set a trigger of some sort on the object.

I’m at a loss of where to start, though.

Any advice?

Thanks for your time!

Great template, thanks! I’m also having the floor is too low issue - if anyone thinks of or tries something that works let us know…

Awesome! This is really helpful. Thanks a lot.

I second this. Would love to know why these have been added. Performance seems great, would like to know what’s going on here. No worries if it’d take too long to explain though.

One thing I’m running into is that I appear to only be able to get Anti-Alias to work for None or MSAA. FXAA, which is my preference for my project due to sharper overall effect, does not work and just gives me the equivalent of Nonel. I’m testing with the physics map and I’ve tried changing AA in the Post process volume, then switching this off and instead setting AA to FXAA in Project>Engine>Rendering. Still no dice with FXAA. I can confirm that if I start a blank project 4.11.2 then FXAA works.

Is this something to do with FXAA not being supported with some of the custom settings you’ve included in the config files. I though FXAA was now supported properly on mobile, but perhaps not and so maybe this is the reason?

If anyone can shed any light on this then I’d be most grateful.

Thanks for this! Just a quick question: how do I package my game for VR? I made a quick demo and it runs correctly in the editor, but when I package and run it on Windows, it doesn’t run in “vr mode”.

Also, while packaging, I get a lot of warnings saying that this platform doesn’t support instanced rendering (don’t remember the exact phrase right now).


There’s a console command you can use, I forget what it is exactly (may be “hmd enable”). You’ll want to basically just set up an Execute Console Command node on Begin Play, and give it that command.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll try that :slight_smile:

Can’t get this project to load in 4.12.0. Freezes on the loading dialog at 45%

EDIT: Ignore me. Came back to my PC hours later to find it had loaded. Ever since then it loads instantly.

Had the same issue and it was the Config folder for me. I just copied the folder from one project that was working and pasted it to this one and deleted the original and it worked.

How do you re-enable the post processing effects? It seems that even if I change things on the post processing actor or on the player’s camera, nothing changes in game. Is it somehow deactivated?

i’m having trouble with the teleport command can anyone help?

I downloaded this template and tried it with The Vive VRsystem in Unreal 4.13.0, everything seems good except that i cant move in the level, HMD and controllers seems fine, i can look around and i can pickup the cubes (using the thumbbutton not the trigger)
have i missed a setting? am i supposed to be able to move with the controllers trackpad (is thats how they are called? (the round one)

please help?!


I have the same question. I’m pretty new, so it’s probably something obvious I’m missing, so if anyone could point out what it is, I’d be grateful! :smiley:

This is very kind of you to share. Is there a way to change the pick up to the trigger, and offset the object from the controller?