HRTF spatialization with Oculus Audio plugin enabled does not work on GearVR

Pretty critical bug that somehow hasn’t been reported to my knowledge:

Quote: “In 4.11 preview, the HRTF spatialization with Oculus Audio plugin enabled does not work on GearVR. i.e if you turn around your head, you still hear the sound through both headphone speakers.”

To my knowledge the Oculus Audio Plugin was integrated very quickly for GDC last year and as such was only done so on the DX11 code path, therefore it only works on PC
See here for more details, and [here][2] for the roadmap of the audio rework in ue4 which would most likely be when the audio plugin is updated for GearVR

That makes me wonder if new audio system (coming in 4.13?! o.O) will have spatialization and HRTF working for Gear VR.

I hope Epic implements Oculus Audio SDK.

Why is this marked as “Resolved” ? I think it should be marked as “Resolved” when one of the Epic devs provides brief explanation and how/when it will be fixed :confused: Until then it shouldn’t be marked as “resolved” as it hasn’t been.

Did not read anywhere it’s in 4.13 either :frowning:

Agreed. Spatialization also does not seem to work on Google Daydream, either, which is a big shortcoming when Unreal is touting “native integration” with the Daydream platform. (And when Unity offers a specific spatialized audio plugin for Daydream.)

Nvidia’s VR Audio Works has some promise, perhaps there will be a possibility to run it on general GPU’s like UE4 Flex which now runs on AMD GPU’s.

This is old but we’re still having trouble with spatial audio through Unreal on the Gear VR. Any updates to this?