HQ Residential House

Hi everyone!
I’m very happy to announce my new package for Unreal Marketplace - HQ Residential House! :slight_smile:

The package has been released!

Get it here

HQ Residential House is a fully equipped interactive American-style house with openable doors and the ability to walk inside. You can create a whole neighborhood with the endless variations of exterior, interior and furniture colors. This package contains over 200 ready to use objects and an assembled demo scene with lighting.

Main features:
*- detailed exterior and interior;

  • made by a real house blueprint;
  • customizable exterior, interior and furniture;
  • over 200 unique objects;
  • demo scene with lighting already set up;
  • perfect for VR;
  • BONUS: Modular Interiors system.*


Looks very clean and neat and the customization parameters are great ! gg :wink:
Any idea for the price ?

Wow. Looks great.

This looks amazing :slight_smile:

What is the planned cost?

Finally hopefully its going to be sold at a indie friendly price :smiley:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
The price will be $69.99.

This is really amazing, Lonely! I’ll for sure look into using something like this in my project.

Very nice. =)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is the outside shape completely customizable too? For instance, could I make a one-story house or change the locations of the roof peaks for the two-story house?

Hey NOT_Lonely, Any word yet from epic on when this will be on the marketplace? :slight_smile:

No, you can only customize the colors of the exterior, but you can’t change the shape.

It will be released at October 16 :slight_smile:

Any updates?

HQ Residential House has been released and available now!
Get it here: HQ Residential House in Environments - UE Marketplace

I’m surprised someone has not brought this up before but the blueprint you use to open the door only works once. After you close the door you can not open it again. Do you have any fix for this? Also looking at the unity version there seems to be a lot more functionality built into that version like turning lights on and off and opening cabinet doors, drawers and so on. Any reason this is not in the unreal version?