Hpw to export and package for Mac users?

I am a windows user and I have no idea how to package my level for mac , any help ?

When I click package for IOS it sends me to index of unreal engine …

Well, in short, if you don’t have a mac it won’t work! :stuck_out_tongue: I use an ancient macbook to pack my things “Remote”. But I’ll tell you right away that it won’t be very cheap … First you need an Apple license, which costs 99 euros. Own devices on which you can test etc. etc. Only then you can create profiles, where you must enter the ID of the respective devices so that you can test it.

Here is a link on how to connect your PC to your Macbook / Mac.
Oh yes, you need at least xcode 11.3 and a Macos Mojave for 4.24.3 (Version Ue4)

Old but should work:

Hope i could help
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Thankyou :slight_smile:

Ok so the short answer is … if you do not have a Mac you cannot pack for mac !

IS that right?

Yes, it doesn’t work without mac. There is a possibility to install a virtual machine on the PC. But I advise against it! I have no experience with it and I don’t know if it’s even possible … don’t think so … get an old macbook (they are around 300 €, and look for an used broken Iphone, if you can’t spend a lot of money) :wink:

Can I install unreal editor on mac and then just export the zipped project from the windows one to the mac one? or I have to do some conversion stuff?

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Yes you can open the same project folder on windows and mac without any conversion.


yes, copy the project to the mac and open it there, but … many of the plugins etc. may not work correctly, so dont be too surprised:-)

Zip up on Windows (from package menu) and unzip on Mac works fine too to me.

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Why would u advise against it? It works perfectly fine. If your target is IOS, u can simply SSH into the VM Mac and package the project directly from the windows side. With a VM though u won’t be able to use the GUI version of the editor. So if you dont ssh, u will need to compile directly from the terminal.

could you kindly offer steps on how to do this? Thank you very much