HP, damage Progress bar and a crazy ray cast....little help please

Setting up a twin stick shooter. Followed several tutorials. Which has lead to several rebuilds of the designs shown here, with none of them working properly
Off own it’s own i have an input (letter d for damage and f to FILL the hp) copy of the damage calculations. It deals a base damage which prints to screen in green. It then prints the percent of max hp in red.

These work right and actor is destroyed at 0 or less HP. Percent ranges from 0-1 just as progress bar requires. Yet even though I set the Widget to be able to find the players variables it doesnt ever update. Even with it starting at 1 the bar just remains empty. One of the designs did have it either full OR empty (didnt have proper math and so it ranged from 0-100%)

When I replace the cubes apply damage node with a destroy actor the moment I contact it I am destroyed…
But Character doesn’t seem to take any DAMAGE from the apply damage node. (I am assuming it is trying to either deal it to the character spawn point OR to the original blue print not the current character)
These basic designs worked in the tutorial and everything so i am not sure what I have done different and would appreciate pointing me in the right direction (please speak like i am in kindergarden as i’ve been using unreal about 2 weeks and have a programming experience as far as reading the complete idiots guide to C++)

As for my ray cast…I just have no idea. I figure since most tutorials are set up for 1st or 3rd person things like the world rotation/locations are off setting it? The character faces the direction of the joystick (except in the case of moving from anywhere 9-3 in the positive y direction and to STRAIGHT down, it will not move. Any neg Y facing it will go there and any slight angle from (0,-1) will work)?

I would appreciate any input.

Got progress bar working. I had called it at event begin play in itself. Had to put that on the character then it worked fine.