HowToCompute Cyber Monday Sale - 50% - 90% off!

I’m glad to announce HowToCompute will be joining on on this year’s Cyber Monday sale (on 11.27.2017)! We’ll be offering the following discounts for this sale:

  • SubsystemConfigurator - 90% off - $0.50
  • InventorySystem - 70% off - $4.50
  • ConfigBP - 50% off - $2.50

If you’ve ever gotten fed up with setting up steam, SubsystemConfigurator will probably be of great help to you! It allows you to configure steam from inside of UE4 (no pesky configuration files!), and is just a mere **50 cents ($0.50) **during this sale! You can find SubsystemConfigurator here: SubsystemConfigurator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

If your game needs an inventory and/or crafting, InventorySystem will probably suit the job! It’s easy to modify, Drag & Drop, has both Inventory and Crafting capabilities, and during the Cyber Monday sale, you’ll get all of that for a mere $4.50! There probably won’t ever be a bargain this good again for InventorySystem, so get it while this deal lasts! Find out more here: InventorySystem - A complex Drag 'n Drop Inventory System With Crafting - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums and check it out on the marketplace here: Inventory System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace.

Want to create (.ini) configuration files so your game can expose some properties to the user, which they can then edit using a configuration file, but don’t want the hassle of having to use c++? Or would you like to store your dedicated server’s credentials out of your code, in a configuration file, and not have to use c++? Look no further! ConfigBP offers an easy-to-use system for using these files, and even supports dedicated servers! ConfigBP is available for $2.50 during this cyber monday sale, and you can find it on the marketplace here: ConfigBP - Configure Your Game in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace.

ps. If anyone’s ■■■■■■ that I created a seperate thread just to announce my sale, I’d just like to say that creating 1 thread, is better than asking mods to change the threads of and bumping 3 other threads. Additionally this offers a central point to link back to, and warns any (potential) buyers of HowToCompute assets that the Cyber Monday sale is coming up, meaning they should probably wait before buying

Cyber Monday is today! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and snatch them great deals up while you can!

Less than 12 hours remaining in this sale! If you still need an inventory and/or carting system, InventorySystem is a mere $4.50 and if you want to add configration files to your game or server, ConfigBP can be had for only $2.50. Don’t miss out on these last chances to grab the assets, as there probably won’t be a sale with such high discounts on HowToCompute assets any time soon!