Howto setup proper timer BPM based for animation.

What is an easy way to get a clean BPM based animation track?
Howto check realtime against fps?
I would need it to let something play drums or drumloops, snapped to the beat you hear?
When i go the other way with collisionboxes at drum and stick all gets worst, when frames are dropping.
I know the Audiovisualization stuff inside ue, but i need it inside my game(shipped working).
Could i grab system time in any way, and sync up BPM that way?
Please blueprints only, if possible. (i have no time to learn c++ now).
Something like a metronom…

Please a hint!
In my example i would like to morph some drums for beginning and set up some soundcues.
All i found was to complicated for me, in c++.
No solution for me in BP?
Prebaking for a specific loop is working but that is not what i want.
I did timelines and notifiersetup in fake anifiles, always same question.
How to prevent desync, playing loops/morphs fps independent?

I also need that, but for paper flipbook. Should be not much different from persona animation.

I did a timelinesetup, like a sequencer does, and in my cases, it works.
But(big one), i have to decide using fmod, or sticking to timelines, because they get very complicated, and i miss some sync options, but it is working fps independent.