Howto setup Non-conform Modular Skeletal Meshes at Runtime

Case file: Modular Goblin Helmet. (Link)

The issue: A modular, to the epic skeleton rigged helmet is not properly aligned when using the larger player mesh.

Description: While most modular helm items fit to a modular setup head mesh, this goblin helm is too low and not properly centered per default. The first thing I tried was to setup a dedicated head socket, assigning the helm, which usually works. However, even though the head mesh has no collision, with the dedicated head mesh socket for the helm, the result was always slightly off, no matter if a SetLocation, or AttachComponent to socket was used or a combination. In the latter the Master Pose appears to not work with attached components at all. Manually tweaking the socket location on the skeleton only worked for the Z value. The result looked like the smesh was colliding with the character mesh, because it is too low, and subsequently this results always in a randomly wrong end-position.

The fix: Because modular skeletal meshes are usually rigged to the root bone, a root bone socket was setup with the helm assigned. Now custom adjustments to the socket work in all directions, and it gives the desired expected result.

Summary: Common socket setup voids standard workflow with root rigged skeletal meshes, which divert from the character mesh, hence non-conformity. By using a root socket the usual workflow applies and yields the desired results. The expected desired behavior would be that all skeletal socket alignments work in the same fashion.

Possibly a result of the skeletons retarget settings?

Either way, I would suggest you add a specific bone for the helmet so you can animate taking it off and other things…

The skeleton was just newly assigned, since it was rigged to the Epic skeleton, is this considered re-targeting?

I do not plan such features, the equipped helmet is on display.

Every skeleton has re-target settings on each bone.
they are normally hidden, you have to rigjt click and choose the appropriate option for them to display.
by default the settings are a mixed mess / if you are doing animations and different skeletons they may need to be set to “animation”. If you do use retargeting, then they likely need to be set to skelton retargeting. Really depends on what you need, but it may be a cause for the bone being out of place.

Ah okay, good point will check it out, since ofc the helm is slightly misplaced during fights :slight_smile:

Okay, so it makes no difference what is set per retarget option, it is set to Animation for the root bone, and it kind of works until I play combat animations. Then the helm starts to lag behind, unclear why.

The only other thing to localize (I can thing of) is to add a socket to the head, socket the helmet and move the socket (with a preview item) until it looks correct.

It turns out that the rigging of these armor parts is not fully compatible with the epic skeleton, but the developer provided me with items rigged in a way that make them work when using them with socket attachments.