Howto save my world

Hi guys,

In my game, the user can modify some static mesh actor and i want to save his change.
I try t use FEditorFileUtils::SaveWorlds() but i have a link error, however i build my project with the module UnrealEd and i include Editor/UnrealEd/Public/FileHelpers.h.

Can you help me to solve my error or maybe there is another better fonction in my case.


Isn’t “FEditorFileUtils::SaveWorlds()” editor only ? looks like it can compile it for runtime game

Yes its only for editor but i don’t know why this can’t compile. I will try to use an other function, i think.

editor only functions or plugins can’t and won’t compile for runtime version (game, client or server) … it’s because it’s only devs function or internal use in editor himself …

This function save your map in your editor but runtime builds have cooked maps, so even if it can compile it will fail in game :wink:

Ok i understood, thanks man, have a good day.

A solution you might try is track those changes to the static mesh, and reapply them on load, since variables with UPROPERTY above them are tracked by saves.

Yes, i got the same idea i will try this thanks.