HOWTO: Change your Map and set your GPS up


Today i used some time to get my Map better and i tryed to make a ingame map.
This is what i found out :

Here you see my settings

Override must be activated.
Longitude/Latitude Origin is the Startpoint the (0/0) need to be the North West corner

X and Y is around -49470 so i set this for Origin

on the South East corner you see this
you see the other corner have around X,Y = 49490

So the distance between is 98960

So the Longitude/Latitude Scale should be 98.9 (I made my 98.8)

On the override map texture i put pictures of berrys so you see what thex change

Stim = Small Map (Make new Charakter)
Azul = Spawn Map Not seen
Mejo = Spawn Map explored
Tinto = Ingame Map Not seen
Amar = Ingame Map explored

The Pictures to make a nice map ar in /PrimalEarth/WeaponGPS/Textures

Adding this to the Info/Useful links thread, thank you for your contribution to the community!

Please idk what are you talking about. Can you explain on how you do for the lat long ? I am doing a vehicle game and i can only find the ( x,y,z ) for the vehicle . Please help.