[HowTo?] Carry Object with 2 Bone IK

Looking for some help on this one since I haven’t worked too much with IK in UE4 yet. I have a character setup with a basic carrying animation that needs to be able to carry objects of varying shapes and sizes and naturally I’d like to have his hands line up properly on them. I have setup basic bones on the object so I can set left and right hand hold points to snap to the hand IK sockets.

My understanding is that I need to use the 2 bone IK node to achieve what I want. I started with integrating the IKexample2 character from the Content Examples project. This was originally for collision for the hands so I know I need to adapt it to simply snap to the bone points on the object, this is where I’m getting lost. Can anyone provide some help or an example to get my characters hands to snap to the proper position on the bones I set in my object…pretty much like a 2 handed weapon I suppose?

did you solve it?