HowTo: Build & deploy on iPad/iPhone

Any one know how i can build project for iPhone/iPad. Step-by-step plz. I have provision and developer identifier and build projects on Unity for my device.

Here :

Ive been trying to get my game to launch on my ipad for a while now with no luck. I have read that and getting Errors in my Log File :frowning: Anyone got this working right?

I installed “Mobile Temple” and “Strategy Game” on my iPad.

Don’t forget to run Xcode before “Launch” on your device in UE4.

I found the problem, xcode did not like my account name so I had to deleted it and place it back in…3 hours of going wtf

Hey Meathead -

Checking int to see if you were successful in getting launching to iOS working?

After updates mac os and reinstall new version of xcode, i can correctly finish “Launch” in editior. After its completed i run xcode projecvt generated for game and try build it. But get error: Choose a destination with a supported architecture in order to run on this device. Any one know what i need do for fix it ?


Recently I have tried to compile UE4 on my mac, but there when I execute GenerateProjectFiles.command aftef a while I got this error

UnrealBuildTool Exception: ERROR: …/…/Engine/Source/Programs/IOS/IPhonePackager/IPhonePackager.csproj doesn’t exist!

And actually I have this file. Is there some bug in UnrealBuildTool?

I also had that problem. I removed my account in xcode and placed it back in. Also did you finish the small tutorial right?.

How are you running GenerateProjectFiles.command? Double-clicking on it?

But sometimes you have not the rights to run this command…
you can use the Terminal and write this: sudo chmod a+x /and drop the GenerateProjectFiles.command file here…
Press return and enter your password
then double click GenerateProjectFiles.command
Sometimes if you have not the right ownership of all the folders you can use BatChmod to set all the rights @ once…
Just select the UnrealEngine folder and choose the Read/Write …
Now open the Xcode file and process as described in the !
After that you can apply the Patch to get better performance:
Good Luck!

how has performance been on iPad with UE4? did you have to tone down any settings?