Howto Adding new crafteble items to the smithy?

Hello all.

I have created some custom items. diffrent set of ammos that should be crafted at the smithy.
I got the engrams for them working and i can give myself the ammo to my inventory using admin commands.
However. the items does not show up as crafteble in the smithy.

Which files do i need to subclass/copy to get this working?

What i did try was to add to the Additional Structucre Engrams in the PrimalGameData.
To the ASE i added…

  • For class: -> PrimalInventory_AnvilBenc
  • Class additionals: -> PrimalItemAmmo_SimpleRifleTranqDart

But this didnt work at all.
Can anyone give me a step by step explanation on how to do this.


The Fix was to use, StorageBox_AnvilBenc instead of PrimalInventory_AnvilBenc

See the very last few posts in this thread and that should give you the missing piece to your puzzle :slight_smile:

Specifically look at the pictures, you need to replace the inventory component with a new one (duplicate it, and then delete the old one).

Also, please avoid double posting in the future :P. It makes more work for us moderators.

I think that post makes you do a new smithy to add the engram doesnt the additional engrams to structure feature offer this withouth having to create a custom smithy, fabricator, etc. Im trying to work it myself but dont know how to.

To quote Akukiyo’s post:

"What exactly would you like to do?

(You can’t add vanilla items to these, without redoing vanilla items and overriding engrams and loot caches/dino drops)

If you want an anvil to make “new” items all you need to do is;

Duplicate all workbench files (core,engram,inventory,structure)
Link all new files and empty the default inventory items and default engrams
Create new items you want to craft in it, add them to the default inventory, and add an extra default engram (set it to 1 if you want them to need the engram)
On those new items, set their default inventory requirement to your new anvil. (I named mine the Super FABricator cause it was not playing well with others)
^ This makes it so the engram knows where to be made, and the item knows where to be repaired
Add the new Anvil to the structure placement list, add it to the master item list, and additional engrams and spawn one in the editor, place it down, and use giveengrams (so you learn everything) If you put in your custom items in the engrams, then they will appear in the anvil.

*Edit - I have a mod on the workshop with a custom mortar and pestle, custom anvil and custom fabricator for my new items i’ve added in, and don’t want to break the core reality of existence every time they add new crafted items ¬.¬"

I think more what OP was getting at is whether to link to the structure bp, the primal item bp, or the primal item inventory component bp in the primalgamedata_bp > additional structure engrams.

Edit I tested this myself and you want to select either StorageBox_Fabricator or StorageBox_AnvilBench (for fabricator or smithy respectively) in the field “For Class” and then the new PrimalItem you are adding in “Class Additions”.

Drathek gave the right information.

If you have more than 1 new item for the Smithy, make sure you only have 1 entry for the StorageBox_AnvilBench, with multiple Class Additions. If you make more than one Class entry for the same structure, it won’t work.

Thanks guys. got it working fine now after messing arund a bit…

@ didnt mean to double posqt :\

i modifed mine and i got into the same problem as you and it took me awhile to get it too work but here is how i got it too working
i duped the anvil duped the inventory only from the components cause the inventory BP not seems to work when you adding it to it and also if some of your stuff can’t be crafted in it you can just manualy add it here that worked for my modifed fabricator

You dont have to dup anything or change any bp files. not for the smithy.
All i did was create a engram for my dart and its other files. ammo etc.
Added it to Additional Engram BluePrint Classes.

and for Additional Structucre Engrams in the PrimalGameData i used.

To the ASE i added…

  • For class: -> StorageBox_AnvilBenc
  • Class Additionals: -> PrimalItemAmmo_SimpleRifleTranqDart

Aha, awesome, glad to hear. Sorry, I misunderstood the original question in OP. And no biggie good sir, it can happen due to your browser sending the packets twice, and a number of other things. I just wanted to give a friendly reminder about double posting in case you hadn’t read the rules :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the pre-v190 approach. You should consider using the new arrays instead, or you open yourself to all kinds of problems with Vanilla updates and stacking with other mods.