HOWTO: Add new structure variants

1.1 Copy the blueprint you want to make a variant of to your Mods folder, e.g. PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_StandingTorch. You do this by left-click dragging the blueprint to your Mod folder and choosing Copy.
1.2. Rename it to PrimalItemStructure_MyStandingTorch. Compile and save.
1.3. Copy the actual structure to your Mods folder, e.g. PrimalEarth/Structures/StandingTorch.
1.4. Rename it to MyStandingTorch. Compile and save.
1.5. Copy the structures inventory (if it has an inventory) to your Mods folder, e.g. PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Inventories/PrimalInventoryBP_StandingTorch
1.6. Rename it to PrimalInventoryBP_MyStandingTorch. Compile and save.
1.7 Copy the engram which will unlock this to your Mods folder. e.g. PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Engrams/EngramEntry_StandingTorch
1.8 Rename it to EngramEntry_MyStandingTorch

2.1. Edit PrimalGama data
2.2. Expand Additional Engram Blueprint Classes, click +, and add EngramEntry_MyStandingTorch.
2.2. Expand Additional Structures to Place, click +, and add your MyStandingTorch
2.3. Compile and save.

3.1. Edit EngramEntry_MyStandingTorch
3.2. Change Blue Print Entry to PrimalItemStructure_MyStandingTorch
3.3. Compile and save.

    4.1. Edit PrimalItemStructure_MyStanding Torch
    4.2. Locate Descriptive Name Base and call it “My Standing Torch Ingame Name”
    4.3. Locate Structure to Build, change it to MyStandingTorch
    4.4. Compile and save.

5.1. Edit MyStandingTorch
5.2. (optional, only if structure burns fuel)
5.2.1. Locate Active Requires Fuel Items, and add any fuel items that may be accepted.
5.2.2. Locate Fuel Items Consume Internval, and add the interval. Interval depends on day cycle length.
5.3.2. Locate Fuel Items Consumed Give Items, and add None or whatever residual item is left behind once burning is done.
5.3. Locate Structure->Consumes Primal Item, and change it to PrimalItemStructure_MyStandingTorch
5.4. Locate Targetable->Descriptive Name and change it to “My Standing Torch Targetable Name”

6 CUSTOMIZE INVENTORY (optional, only if the structure has an inventory)
6.1. Whilst still editting MyStandingTorch…
6.1.1. In the top right of the window, where it says “Defaults > Components > Graph”… click on “Components”
6.1.2. Right-click delete PrimalInventoryBP_StandingTorch
6.1.3. Click Add Component, and choose PrimalInventoryBP_MyStandingTorch
6.1.4. Compile and save.
6.2 Edit PrimalInventoryBP_MyStandingTorch
6.2.1. Locate Remote Inventory Description String and change it to “Inventory info for players”.
6.2.2. Locate Remote Add Item Only Allow Item Classes, and add/remove allow items to place in the inventory. MUST match items in 5.2.1 if fuel burning.
6.2.3. Locate Inventory Name Override, and change it to “Override Ingame Inventory Name”
6.2.4. Compile and save.

Very nice man, thanks for making this!

Clever throwing your guides in to your signature. I should have done that when I was helping people out but I am glad someone is making guides :smiley: There really is not enough time in a day to do everything that I want to do lol.

so you dont neet do put it in the Master item List ? Is the list only for Cheat item in ?

for what is the Additional Engram Blueprint Classes ?

The devs would prefer us to not mess with the master item list. For adding a structure variant you add it to AdditionalStructuresToPlace for it to be placeable, you add it to AdditionalStructureEngrams for it to be in the craft inventory of things such a smithy or fabricator, add it to Remap_Items if your structure replaces a different structure, add it to Remap_Engrams to replace an engram, and finally add it to AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses to add a recipe for your new structure (if you didn’t remap_engram it).

hello please i have question i tried to make custom fuel type i created solar generator and as fuel i created electrolyte but problem is my solar generator inventory accept only gasoline but i modified basefuelburner to accept new fuel type and in activerequiesfuelitems too but nothing inventorz accept only gasoline :frowning:

EDIT:: Solved

Hello, i would like create mod for add my wall on my server, i’m blocked at the second step, i dont understand this :
2.1. Edit PrimalGama data

What the PrimalGameData ? It’s the /Misc/PrimalItemStructure_mYStandingTorch ?

Thx for your help

its mean edit file primalgamedata_BP_yourmod if you havent this bp in your mod folder so just copy this bp from Genericmod and Do not forget to copy gamemode bp

Thx for your help !

I don’t suppose anyone would fancy throwing together a video on this? If not i might end up doing it, a visual aid is helpful to A LOT of people.

Yes please :slight_smile:

should have a vid…much easier for a newbie like me…

i was stuck in a mod yesterday. luckily i read through the thread and a person mentioned that an asset needed to be linked.

tried it and it worked !!

Just a FYI, the editor will crash if you make your new structure free to build. (At least this is what happens to me.)

Jason pleas read my support ticket I used your tutorial but I am having issue read my post called Urgent Help

I am new to modding and after step 1.8 it becomes very confusing for me. If anyone could help me with some step by step (maybe some visual aid?) I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to copy the behemoth gateway and make it have a snap point on top. There aren’t many guides out there and this is the best I have found but it’s a bit too complex for my small brain.

I just earlier uploaded a mod to Steam to address my annoyance with ceiling snapping being too high, and I learnt a bit about snap points while tinkering around with the ceilings and other various structures. I’ll have a look later today when I wake up (2:30AM presently) at the gates and try to determine how the points are referenced and implemented fully.

I’ve since discovered how adding snapping points work and some basic functions in regards to manipulating them, and will be testing either later tonight or tomorrow with gates to see how it would work. Once I have it down pat a little more, I’ll look into a tutorial for adding, removing and modifying them.

For anyone finding this thread and trying to figure out how to make new engrams that have to be built in the fabricator (or any other crafting station), The AdditionalStructureEngrams array in PrimalGameData that was mentioned briefly by Drathek works like this:

When you click the + icon it creates an item “0” with two sub-entries: a dropdown that says “For Class”, and an array of Class Additions. In “For Class” select the STRUCTURE that you want to use as the crafting station for this item to be created in (eg “StorageBox_Fabricator”… in the current toolkit this is colored bluish in the dropdown list, and shows the actual model of the fabricator if you locate it in the content browser). Then, in the “Class Additions” array, add the PrimalItem that the player will create (NOT the Engram you are crafting from, NOT the Structure your item will turn into when the player uses it).

For instance, if you wanted to make the special standing torch example given here craftable in the fabricator, you would choose “StorageBox_Fabricator” in the “For Class” dropdown, then select the PrimalItemStructure_MyStandingTorch blueprint in “Class Additions”. In order to make sure the player can’t craft it themselves, UNcheck “Give Blueprint to Player Inventory” option in the EngramEntry_MyStandingTorch blueprint.

The other options for “For Class”:
StorageBox_AnvilBench - smithy
MortarAndPestle - mortar and pestle

If you are adding multiple objects in a single mod you should be able to list all of the ones you want crafted in the fabricator in the “Class Additions” array, rather than repeating fabricator over and over. If you want to add different items to different crafting stations, then create a second entry in the AdditionalStructureEngrams array for each crafting station, with the list of things to make in each station’s “Class Additions” array.

Don’t forget to set the subfolders the crafting engram will appear in (when the user unchecks “Show All”). This is set in the PrimalItemStructure blueprint. The first item in the array will be the first folder (eg “Structures”) the second will be the second (eg “Metal”) and so on.

Would be interested to read such a tutorial, as i’m trying to figure out how i might go about creating equilateral triangle foundations and ceilings/roofs (So i could make something like this ). I’m brand-spankin-new to modding, so any advice/tips/etc will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

for me it wont work :confused: i tried it with Torch and Storage box but somehow im not able to place the items… anyone have a idea what im doing wrong?