How your make your scripts for your game story?

Lets say I want make Horror game that has a story with a simple gameplay.
How you make the scripts for the story, is that like writing a novel,

for example, “when Nico_4 walking in the corridor he will be suddenly attacked by enemy and press “E” to dodge it”, so if I write it as novel should I wrote that “press E to dodge it?” or just write “when Nico_4 walking in the corridor he suddenly attacked by enemy but he can dodge it by hit it with his hand”

but, when I googling it, I found something like this:

its look like game design document
or, is making a scripts for game same as making game design document?

Sorry for my bad English/grammar.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I am curious of the same thing been wondering this.

Its not a design document, it’s a script. It should look pretty much as you described.

Only that certain headings may not change. For instance: Location may be where the scene is taking place overall, whereas “scene” is actually what the user is seeing just at the moment they have to press E.

Mostly it has to make sense to the person who’s going to be working with it, so you can use whatever format you and they are comfortable with.

A design doc will look significantly different than this (or should).

do you happen to have examples of either?

Thanks a lot thorax for providing the link

thanks a lot guys :smiley: