How you work with your foliage?

Hello mates,

As I will start soon to put foliage in my terrain, I would like to ask how you do it? You set trees by hand one by one? I just look at my terrain and don’t know from where to start and where to end :smiley:
How do you go about this?

Everything you need to know is here.

In 4.8 there are three ways:

-foliage tool -> I use this way :smiley:
-landscape grass node
-procedural foliage spawner

I know guys, I use foliage tool too. but it’s kind of weird :smiley: Where to start and where to end. That’s why I asked about how you do it. What are your thoughts

First of all adjust all settings in the tool so that the vegetation gets spawned in a realistic way → different sizes, different proportions, density,…
After that just add the foliage like you would add your meshes.

e.g you start in a part of a world where you will have a farm + forest around it. First of all place the farm and all important meshes and then paint the foliage in this area. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s how I was thinking to begin too. Setup a “base” and work from that, build roads, add grass right and left on the roads and then the paint goes by itself :stuck_out_tongue: