How you set an ENUM Value in a Array during a for each loop?

Pretty straight foward guys.

During a for each loop i’m iterating through a list of visibility enums. If a condition is checked i want it to be visible. However, there is only the set Element node available and that doesn’t help too much. Is there a other way?

Guys is only me, due to my poor english, or a LOT of topics in this subform is not understandable without complete rewriting or at least one or two additional questions?

thisis the answer for a question which i assume u asking

CriErr, that creates another variable to take place at that index. I want to alter the exact reference in that array.

Just a clarification, its a array os ESlate Visibility Enum, each one is binded to the visibility of a button on screen. I need to iterate this enum to set the visibility of each one.

Well you could try setting by reference. for each loops will have the item pin (current thing in the array), yeah? I wonder if you can do something like this


Which should be something to the effect of

(disclaimer - C++ has ten coats of rust on it, pls forgive mistakes here)
yourArray* += 3;

as opposed to

SomeVar = yourArray*;
SomeVar += 3;
yourArray->Insert(SomeVar, i);

If blueprint is a abstraction of C++ shouldn’t my array be a list os pointers? With that can i create a temp variable that is a pointer as well, switch the value of the temp will switch the original value right?