How you limit/control the physics impact for projectiles?

I have a projectile that is working well. I want to have the projectiles cause a physic impact/hit on the physics objects they hit, but there seems to be no way to tweak their impact… at the moment its very drastic and I’d like to tone it down. For my projectile I’m just using an actor with a projectile moment component.

You can use “OnComponentHit” or “OnActorOverlap” at the other actor (whatever the projectile going to hit), and detect if the hit or overlap been caused by a projectile (the other Actor or other component of the event node, check the following image).


then you can simply add force using the (AddForce) node, and define it’s direction to the forward vector of the projectile.



I used the above method with some refinement to allow for different forces based on the mass and some other datatable values, and that was the result:


Thanks for the help! Solved it sometime late last night.

My problem was two fold. I had my top component as a “Scene Root”, under that I had my mesh and then I had my Projectile Movement Component. As I understand it, the Projectile Movement Component updates the Root, anything attached to the root is teleported incrementally. This caused several problems when trying to detect hits.

Having looked at the projectile in the FPS template and this video by tesla, Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Explosive Projectile - YouTube I got it all pretty much working. Using a radial force instead of actual physics collision between the projectile and the hit object gave me a lot more control on what was going to happen.

best of luck :slight_smile:


While this solution works, the ability to set the force of the projectile’s impact in the movement component is more than a reasonable expectation IMHO.