How would you rotate the camera when moving left or right, like Quake I movement?

i’m having trouble making the camera rotate left or right when moving in the corresponding directions. i’m currently making a classic shooter like Quake, and i kinda need that to encapsulate the right feeling to the game.

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and i can’t find any tutorials on how it would be done.

post a link to a video or explain what your after a bit better so we can help you. personally i havent played quake in decades so i dont remember much of it.


so i just downloaded and played abit of quake and its movement is a basic first person setup wasd are forward/back and strafing, the mouse is rotation yaw, and the arrow keys are forward back & rotation. if i were you id look at the first person template character and how thats setup. ill include a picture below of some of the pertinent script for forward back movement and rotation. the only other thing about quake thats different is the persistence of movement, basically whne you release the walk forward button the walking doesnt immediately stop but continues on for a sec.

I belive you are asking about the tilt of the camera when strafing which is surprisingly simple and answered here.

i’m very, very sorry- but it’s not exactly what i’m looking for.

in that case describe what your looking to accomplish and provide a video reference. we cant just be guessing at what you want.

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I believe he is trying to get the camera to tilt left or right slightly depending on what key is pressed, those being the A key or the D key