How would you make a character teleport DBZ style?

I wanna know if it’s possible to make a character teleport on the fly like you can in a DBZ game. If so then how?

You might wanna include a better description.

I can tell you right now yes it is possible. Literally everything is possible. You can modify the core source code of Unreal Engine allowing you to do absolutely anything at all if you are a skilled enough programmer and can work in C++.

As for your specific question. I think you mean the DragonBall Z game(s)!? A quick search brings up some videos of a teleport in a fighting game but I have no idea what exactly it does or how it works. You can’t assume everyone knows all games.

Find out where you want to teleport. Spawn some emitters and sounds for the teleport, play teleport animation montage then call set actor position, play another animation montage for teleporting, Spawn some new emitters and sounds after calling set actor position. Done.