How would you guys approach this? Sorry unable to explain please see details in thread

Hello everyone.

Please take a look at the mine entrance from this famous game.
Now imagine it wasnt there but the player is able to build this entrance to this basic wall of stones, but not only on this certain place but everywhere along the wall.
Since it’s faking the depth with the black background and shadow on the ground, it has to remove the stone wall or make it transparent or something.

Can you guys provide me some hints how this could be solved?
With lots and lots of small stone wall pieces I could remove the ones that are effected by the size of the entrance. This is the one idea I have but sounds like a very bad solution.

Thanks for all input.

You just draw the entrance on top of the wall. That’s not the ground you see there, it’s the bottom of the entrance sprite, which has the same color as the ground.

@**ClockworkOcean **I see, so there has to be some kind of different levels/hierarchy. Where / how can I access those settings?

Edit: I might explained the goal very badly. So Im talking about overlapping 2 3DObjects, but one should overcover/be on top of the other 3D Object, visible wise.

Depending on how it is set up it should be the Z axis. So your background would be Z=0 and your entrance would be Z=1. If you would want something over the door then Z=2 and so on.

Okay please take a look at this box. This box is actually like a tunnel, but you can not see the backwall from this box because the wall where I spawned the actor onto/into blocks it.
So the question is, how would I be able to visually make the wall at this area dissapear, so that I can see the whole box/tunnel.

I hope it makes more sense now, but sounds even more difficult


You would have to replace the wall with another one that has a hole in it. As long as the “wall” sections were not to large it would not make a noticeable frame rate jump. Should be easier in 2d sprites using a transparent alpha channel as the “hole”

Yeah thats what I thought but this solution is not feasable, too many possibilities where this can be spawned, was hoping for different solutions

If you are using 2d grid sprites to make your world you could just make the ones at whatever point (behind door) not visible.
I know you can also do something with materials and masking that may have the effect you are looking for.