How would you go about getting an ETA?


I am wondering if anyone has done something in these lines. I am assuming it would be some math calculations.
Based on the distance to an object and the speed traveled of the pawn i want to add an Estimated time of arrival.

I haven’t thought about it much but but im thinking get the distance and divide it by the speed.
Not sure. Just working on some bugs atm. Will post back later once i start working on it.

You are right, You simply need to get the distance of the mouvement and divide it by your pawn speed.
For exemple, if you have a distance of 100 units and your pawn is travelling at 5 units per second, you’d do 100/5. That would give you 20, which mean i’d take 20 seconds for the pawn to reach its destination.

That’s for a single line, if you have multiples lines you’d simply need to calculate all lines in your mouvement and add them together.