How would you go about creating some kind of ingame customisable script for actors

There are some examples of what sort of thing I’m thinking of, “Final Fantasy 12 - gambit system” “God Eater - Ammo system” “Minecraft with PSI mod”.

I think the main problem that I can think of currently stopping me is the lack of understanding on how to save this information and use it to call functions in the saved order.

I was thinking of having a bunch of different ‘effects’ and things like customizable delays and such. Using as a casting system for spells and maybe even melee abilities.

Each action would take a certain amount of resource and increase based on how many are used and perhaps even require multiple people.

If anyone can help with information I would appreciate it. I’m not even sure what to google for such a request.


Im not familiar with the games you mentioned and the question seems a bit confused but i can at least help with the a small bit. for a basic magical casting(magic form here on) with cost i would have a inputaction(keyboard or mouse input) to trigger the magic. from there you would want to get your resource for the magic lets say mana in this case. so now that you have the mana you compare the mana you have to the cost of the magic and use this to control a branch. from the true pin of the branch would be the logic for if you had enough mana and would first have logic that subtracts the mana cost from your current mana then sets the value. after setting the mana value you would have the logic to actually fire the magic. off the false branch you would either have nothing or logic to tell the player they dont have enough mana.

I’m not sure how to make it much clearer, I want to make a spell system that can make custom spells in-game from a set of pre-programmed options. Using said options in whatever order you like to make unique spell effects that aren’t ‘predetermined’.

Hopefully the screenshot explains it a bit better than I can.